Are Electric Pressure Cookers Safe

Are Electric Pressure Cookers Safe

Are Electric Pressure Cookers Safe…
Most of us own a few kitchen gadgets, including at least one pressure cooker. They’re fantastic, allowing you to make flavorful meals quickly and easily.
However, there’s a huge problem with them: they are highly dangerous and should be used only by professionals or people with experience using these products.
Here’s why you shouldn’t use your electric pressure cooker at home and what to look out for before doing so.

Electric Pressure Cookers Are Dangerous

First, a little background on what exactly electric pressure cookers are.
Basically, they are the same as regular pots. You fill the pot with water and put in the food you’re cooking and set the dial to a certain heat setting. As the water heats up, the pressure inside the pot rises. Eventually, once it reaches a certain pressure, the pressure cooker switches on to cook your food.
However, because of the amount of pressure and steam inside the pot, the safety valve will eventually release pressure and switch off the device.

Why are Electric Pressure Cookers So Dangerous?

So, how exactly are these dangerous?
Well, because of the extreme pressure and heat inside these devices, they can explode or burst.
That’s a pretty serious problem, especially since they don’t provide any kind of protection if this happens.
When your pressure cooker starts to lose pressure, it will trigger the safety valve to release all of the pressure and pressure. This will often be accompanied by a loud, hissing noise.
This could be enough to startle anyone, and especially if you live alone, you could easily end up with a severe injury.
These devices are also extremely powerful, so don’t be surprised if you accidentally hit yourself while trying to use one.

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