How Rice Cooker Works Step by Step

How Rice Cooker Works Step by Step
Rice cookers are small kitchen appliances that cook rice in a few simple steps. They are an inexpensive option, but some people like the convenience of using a machine to make their food, so they may want to check this one out.
Rice cookers are designed to cook one cup of uncooked rice. They are very simple to use and operate with just a few steps.
The following are the most important steps in making perfect rice.

How Rice Cooker Works Step by Step

Step 1: Fill the pot with water.
Step 2: Add the rice.
Step 3: Close the lid.
Step 4: Turn the heat on to high.
Step 5: Wait a few minutes until the rice starts to boil.
Step 6: Lower the heat, and cover the pot again.
Step 7: Let the rice boil gently for 10 to 15 minutes.
Step 8: After that time has passed, open the pot and check the rice.
Step 9: Cook the rice any longer than necessary, as it will take longer to get the right consistency.
Step 10: Serve the rice while it is still warm.
Step 11: To store rice for later use, rinse it under cold water until it is cool, then drain and store in a sealed container.


1. For better consistency, cook it for 10 minutes longer than the suggested time.
2. When the water starts to boil, it is important to lower the heat, so as to avoid over-cooking.
3. Rice should always be served while it is still warm.
4. To clean the pot, wipe it with a damp cloth.
5. You can keep the rice in the fridge for up to three days.
6. Rice can be reheated and retains its quality even after a long time.
7. It can also be frozen.
8. It’s also effortless to double the recipe, so you can cook a big batch of rice for family and friends.

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