What Coffee Makers Does Starbucks Use

What Coffee Makers Does Starbucks Use

If you’ve been to Starbucks in the past week, you’ve probably noticed the espresso machines there. Many people go to Starbucks for their beverages, and it’s no surprise that they’ve become the largest coffee chain in the world. But did you know that they use special espresso machines for many of their coffees and drinks?

Starbucks has several coffee-making methods, including espresso, iced coffee, and tea, but their signature drink is the “espresso” — an intense, rich, and creamy shot of espresso served in a tall glass. This type of shot can cost as much as $7.25, and it takes at least six minutes to complete.

So what kind of coffee maker does Starbucks use? Well, it depends on where you’re visiting. In fact, you may even have a chance of getting a good cup of espresso just by the machine at your local Starbucks store. Here’s a closer look at the various models, and which one you may want to try if you visit one of their stores.

The Mista EspressoWhat Coffee Makers Does Starbucks Use

The Mista Espresso is a small portable model that you can take to a cafe. Its dual boiler design creates a rich crema, and you don’t need to use any milk. It’s easy to make shots with this model, as well as a few iced drinks.



The Barista Express Espresso

This larger machine is ideal for preparing large numbers of drinks at once, and it can brew up to 12 servings at a time. While this is useful for busy mornings, you may find that it gets pretty warm after long periods of use.

The Nespresso Vertuo Espresso

The Nespresso Vertuo Espresso is the best of the three for those who want a high-end machine that produces a perfect shot every time. The dual boiler design allows for a rich crema, and you can also control the amount of steamed milk. It’s also one of the quietest espresso makers on the market, making this the ideal choice for busy morning meetings.

The Docc Espresso

Docc stands for “Drinking Only Once,” and it’s a single-cup coffee maker that’s ideal for those who like the occasional morning caffeine fix. This model is known for its quiet operation, and it’s a perfect option for a night-time beverage or an early morning pick-me-up.

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